Nature Sounds

Spring in Sanbō-in

This clip illustrates the soundscape in Sanbō-in, Kyoto, as experienced on a spring day in 2018. A series of three waterfalls adds an atmospheric presence towards the left side of the stereo image. To the right, a garden worker is swooshing fallen leaves. As part of the soundscape, there are also birds singing, frogs croaking and garden visitors talking, some of these sounds are “borrowed” from the woodland outside the garden.

Frogs in Nanzen-in

Gardens and other green spaces are prone to attract wildlife. This is perhaps best experienced during spring and early summer when birds are singing, but other animals like frogs are attracted to blue green biotopes. This is a documentation of frogs playing in spring in the pond system of Nanzen-in garden, Kyoto. In Japanese, the frog is called tree frog “Mori o kaeru”. The sound recording is binaural, meaning that the spatial experience can be reproduced if headphones are used during playback.

Oak and pine

Oak and pine. Recorded in Hågadalen, Uppsala.


Aspen tree and birch

Aspen tree and birch. Recorded in Stadsskogen, Uppsala.

Beech hedge

Beech hedge in winter season. Recorded in Solbacken, Malmö.

The sea

The sea. Recording from the west coast of Denmark.