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Direct the city orchestra

City planning provides multiple opportunities to affect the sonic environment, not only in terms of noise but also by considering sound as a quality. The "city orchestra" can be directed through planning and design decisions; sound can be limited, stimulated or added. The design tool illustrates how.

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Reference sounds

Japanese gardens

In a study from 2018, more than 80 Japanese gardens were visited with the purpose to increase the understanding of how to create tranquil soundscapes. Listen to masking water sounds, nightingale floors, suikinkutsu and many other effects.

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Sound art

What is the sound of the Eiffel Tower?

The special, almost singing sound arises when the huge metal structure moves in the wind or is influenced by the visiting people so that resonance tones are stimulated. Listen to the sound art by China Blue.

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Reference Sounds


Under the section entitled "Reference sound", a number of recordings have been collected to illustrate the relationship between sound, planning and design. The clips include examples of masking and the effect of absorption.

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Water features

The Tuning of Water

Fountains can be used for their soothing sounds and can also have an effect to mask out traffic noise. The character and level of the sound is controlled by the design. Here you can listen to some common fountain types and water features.

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Read more about Sound Planning

Sound is an asset in planning and design. Soundscape design can be used to deepen the overall experience, stimulate curiosity and help to provide site-specific character and atmosphere in the city. How a place sounds affects how we see and experience it. Read about soundscape design and landscape architecture in Movium's "Direct the city orchestra".

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Thesis on the experience of water sounds

Thesis dealing with the experience of water sounds and masking: Rådsten-Ekman Maria. 2015 at the psychological department, Stockholm University. Unwanted wanted sounds: Perception of sounds from water structures in urban soundscapes.

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Novel solutions for a greener and quieter city

An illustrated report from the research project "Hosanna" exploring "novel solutions for a greener and quieter city". The document contains conceptual ideas for dealing with noise through a merger of acoustics and landscape design.

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Thesis on sound and noise management in landscape architecture

Thesis on sound management in landscape architecture: Cerwén 2017, Sound in Landscape Architecture: A Soundscape Approach to Noise. Department of Landscape Crime, Planning and Management, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, SLU Alnarp.

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