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Welcome to a world of sounds,

SoundscapeDesign.info is a gathering place for several aspects of sound in the city. The purpose of the homepage is to contribute with an increased understanding regarding planning and design of everyday soundscapes . The homepage was originally developed in Sweden in 2010, intended as a guide and inspiration for designers, urban planners, landscape architects and others who were interested in the relationship between sound and environmental design. In 2018, the homepage was remade and updated, and a translation to English was added.

In the homepage, you can listen to the sounds of the city, and compare how different solutions in planning and design effects the soundscape. For instance, what is the sound of different water installations and fountains? What is sound art? How does masking of traffic noise work and what is the potential of absorption and reflection? Moreover, since 2018, the homepage contains a design tool consisting of a total of 23 soundscape actions.

SoundscapeDesign.info was origianlly developed in a collaboration between landscape architect/PhD Gunnar Cerwén and the think tank Movium in 2010. Generous fincancial support has been offered through the years from Movium, ÅF Ingemansson, SLUMalmö stad, the Sound environment center and Kalmar kommun. The current web design was made by Tigerton (2018) based on a platform developed by Fredrik Lindgårdh (2010). Since 2018, Ida Isaksson has contributed with text processing and adjustments.

Gunnar Cerwén is a landscape architect and soundscape researcher with an interest for sound art and music. In 2017, he defended his thesis entitled  ”Sound in Landscape Architecture: A Soundscape Approach to Noise” at the department of Landscape Architecture, planning and management, SLU, Alnarp. In the thesis, he discusses how landscape architects can work with consideration for soundscapes, particularly focusing on noise-exposed situations. He has also been working in Tokyo examining soundscapes in traditional gardens and shinrin-yoku, forest bathing.

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Gunnar Cerwén.
Photo: Marie Andersson