Retuning the soundscape

Diapason II (2009) – Christina Kubisch

This installation was inspired by tuning forks. It focuses on the interaction between the installation and its sorroundings (architecture, atmosphere, location). The place itself is being tuned. Ljudkullen is located in Scaniaparken by the western harbour in Malmö.

Discover Ljudkullen and Scaniaparken under projects. (Idea and implementation: City gardener Gunnar Ericson and Bo Andersson, Gatukontoret.)

The Sound Arts Program is since 2002 designed by the landscape architect Frans Gillberg and Starfield simulation. More info at Malmö Stad and on the website by artist Christina Kubisch.

Harmonic bridge (1998) – Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland

In connection with a motorway crossing near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Massachussets, artists have put up a very interesting and useful piece of art. The rough traffic noice, previously making the space inaccessible, is now resonating through mounted organ pipes and creating tones. The harmonized traffic is played in loudspeakers inside concrete cubes beneath the bridge, and the area is radically changed.

Permanent installation.


Revoicing the striated Soundscape (2012) – Jordan Lacey

“Revoicing the Striated Soundscape”, Melbourne, is a project that brings life to air conditioners and provides them the ability to communicate with people passing by. The soundscape of the city, constantly affected by the dull buzz from those machines, is hereby given a more attractive voice. A sense of dialogue between the city and its citizens is thus created, and a disturbing noise is turned into art.

This clip starts with a section of Melbournes general soundscape. Read more