Interactive event

The deepest dustbin in the world (2009) –

How deep is the deepest dustbin in the world? An installation that surprises you and stimulates your imagination.


Pianotrappan (2009) –

How do you make people fall in love with a staircase? Members of the project rebuilt one of the stairs at Odenplan subway station, Stockholm, to a huge piano. Thus, they got more people to turn down the escalator and instead gave them a thrilling discovery in their everyday life. The film about the installation has more than  22,000,000 views on youtube.


SCALA – Mikael Strömberg

SCALA is a sound art installation at Gävle station. In one of the stairs, eight sensors are placed and when stepped upon they randomly trigger off different sounds.
Every sound is related to trains and/or travelling, and some of them are under the threat of extinction. The artist, Mikael Strömberg, used a musical scale of eight points as model when placing the sensors. The plates are sensitive to pressure, and the sound changes in proportion to the weight in the footsteps.


Strömberg’s website