The river Gavleån

Sound is more than just levels. The loud surge of Gavleån is completely draining the noise from the crossing road, but the levels are still not regarded as intrusive.

Södervärns bus station, Malmö

Masking / Audio sounds at Södervärns bus station, Malmö

A room of water sounds creates variation in this traffic-dense location and moves focus from the noise.

Gatukontoret, Malmö stad

Uppsala stadsträdgård

Example of beam / rays

Uppsala stadsträdgård

Näckens polska

Example of beam / rays.

Näckens polska by Bror Hjort

Built 1967 at Uppsala centralstation

Mariatorget, Stockholm

Tors Fiske

Anders Wissler, 1903

Mariatorget, Stockholm

Sergels torg, Stockholm

Berceau, several pieces. Powerful sound. However, most of the sound seems to belong to the traffic since it is closer and since it is hard to easily reach the fountain.

Sergels torg, Stockholm

Masking the highway

A simplified simulation of how noise in an area close to a highway can be experienced, depending on masking. In the following clip, the same traffic sound was used in two different scenarios. The rustling sound of aspen was added in one of the cases to illustrate the potential of masking. By use of species that are good rustlers, like aspen and other poplars, the masking effect can be enhanced in design situations. A further effect can be achieved if the trees are located in windy positions, such as hills or along wind tunnels. Visual aspects are also important. A noise barrier that is a completely straight raises associations to the straight and fast road on the other side. By creating small and more natural spaces,  the masking is more likely to be successful.


Absorption and reflection

Documentation of a central square area with and without snow. The traffic intensity was similar on both occasions.

Snow absorbs sounds, and so does for example soil and peat. A greener city will therefore involve a lower background noise and create better conditions for a more relevant audio environment, where completely new sounds will be able to come out.

Aspen tree and birch

Aspen tree and birch. Recorded in Stadsskogen, Uppsala.

Beech hedge

Beech hedge in winter season. Recorded in Solbacken, Malmö.

The sea

The sea. Recording from the west coast of Denmark.