The Passionflower

This combination of jets with different character present a recurring rhythmic pattern.

Passionsblomman (1963) by Thure Thörn

Fridhemstorget, Malmö

Tonal water flow

The fall of the water is designed so that it breaks the surface tension which creates a clear underwater tone. The sound seems to tell us about a mysterious world underneath the surface.


Western harbour, Malmö


In Greek mythology, the artist Daidalos created an angel, Ikaros, with whom he then flew so high that the sun melted the wings. In the waterwork Ikaros, the subsequent crash is illustrated in the water. Read more.

The installation expresses several types of water sounds that changes over time. For example, there are nozzles that spray a fine mist, which increases humidity and generates a special, wheezing, high-frequency sound.


Artist: Palle Pernevi, 1965

Stora torg, Kristianstad

Water wall

Water falls directly against hard material which creates a relatively high-frequency sound. The sound is reflected and reinforced against the wall, and once again toned  by the material.

Solbjerg Plads, Köpenhamn



A powerful expression that changes over time and in different parts. Includes natural-looking falls and brook-like parties, as well as carefully controlled berceauer.

Gefionspringvandet (1908)

Anders Bundgaard

Kastellet, Köpenhamn

Natural stream

A dynamic and natural stream.

Det biovidenskabelige fakultets have,


Site-specific rhythm

Five divided water rays of different strengths. The subtle rhythm of the sound resembles the throbbing of the old-age rails. A site-specific and suitable character for Gävle Central Station, which emphasizes the sound design of the entire station. At the location you also find a sound installation in the shape of a playing staircase.

Central station, Gävle

Water staircase

 A dynamic water staircase, topographically integrated with Uppsala’s boulder-ridge. A creative waterwork, providing interaction between many small, natural flows.

Academic Hospital in Uppsala